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GET THE SQUIRREL, a fantastic new App that puts all your shiftwork related information at your fingertips.  Let the Shiftwork Squirrel gather your shiftwork information together, so that you can manage your shiftwork life


·        Create roster patterns, and the SleepySquirrel will load them to the App, and your iphone calendar

·        identify any clashes with appointments and social activities

·        Keep track of shift swaps and overtime shifts

·        Use the Sleepy Squirrel to track your sleep

·        Indicate how you feel each day, and how much sleep you get and the Squirrel Index will estimate your sleep needs, and suggest sleep tips to improve how you feel at different points in your roster cycle

·        Over a period of time the Sleepy Squirrel will calculate your sleep equilibrium, and you can compare yourself with others by uploading your results to our website