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What it does

Need to know what shift you will be working on Saturday in 8 months’ time.  Create your repeating roster pattern in Shiftwork Squirrel with just a few simple steps, and you can load your roster straight into the App.   The Squirrel will load it not only to its own calendar BUT ALSO you can load it to your iPhone calendar so it's right there to see every day.


What shift are you working on your partners birthday? Check it out right there on your phone calendar. Easily see, what shift you are working on grand final, or Easter weekend.


You can add extra shifts, or add an overtime shift, and you can choose to delete just the one shift if you do a shift swap, or record a shift as personal or annual leave.  Do all this without affecting the rest of the roster pattern.


Only working this roster for 6 months, no problem, just set an end date.  Load your next roster from the day it starts, and tell the Squirrel how long it goes for.  Load an extra roster for your partner, best mate, co-worker, or even your teams training schedule or university classes for the semester. It's all there in your calendar to check what's happening.